Barbara Bingham

Barbara brings thirty years of teaching, parenting and lived experience to the workshops and trainings.  Trained by Harville Hendrix, PhD in the clinical program and other trainings for Imago Relationship Therapy, she has assisted Maya in over 250 couple's workshops.  Serving as training and workshop coordinator, as well as assisting in the programs, Barbara brings her solid strength and passion to all she does.

Barbara is gentle and thoughtful of every participant, and at the same time brings exceptional clarity and insight in her work with participants.  She has an extraordinary ability to see into a person, support the best of them and call them to their next steps in living a more conscious life.

One of the therapists from a training program described her this way:

"Barbara is a jewel.  She is solid like the earth that supports all of us and from that ground welcomes and embraces the soul of each person whose life she touches.  She is a quiet, gentle woman whose heart is filled with passion for creating a better world and for helping each person do their part and live fully.  She saw both who I am and who I am on my way to becoming."