Clinical Instructor Training

Clinical Instructor Training Program

Certification Permissions:

Graduates may:

1. Represent themselves publicly as a Certified Clinical Instructor of Imago Relationship Therapy and as a faculty member of the Imago International Institute.

2. Conduct training programs leading to participant's certification as Imago Therapists.

3. Conduct advanced training course for which they are qualified.

4. Supervise any Certified Imago Therapist.

5. Be eligible to receive referrals from the Institute for clinical training programs after certification.

6. Serve as on-site observes for Workshop Presenter Candidates.

7. Attend all Clinical Instructors training days at no additional charge.  

Admission Pre-requisites:
Applicants must:

1. Be in good standing with IRI.

2. Must be a Certified Couples Workshop Presenter for a period of two years and have conducted at least two Couples Workshops during the one year prior to application for the Clinical Training Program.  

Admission Procedure:
1. Send in a Clinical Training Program registration form including a recent 3x5 photo and a $1000 nonrefundable,
non-transferable deposit.

2. Assist a Certified Clinical Instructor with one session of a Basic Clinical training course (one entire 3-5 day session) and give a lecture on Imago Relationship Therapy. A positive evaluation from the Certified Clinical Instructor must be submitted to the Admissions and Review Committee.

3. Submit two VHS videotapes to the Admissions and Review Committee three months before the oral admission interview (usually held at a faculty meeting). The first videotape must show the applicant's work as a presenter/teacher taped in front of a professional audience within the last twelve months. The second videotape must be a recent, full therapy session with a couple from their practice.

4. Arrange with the faculty for an oral application interview after all of the above procedures have been successfully completed.  

Course Requirements:
Within 24 months of the completion of the formal course work, the Clinical Instructor Candidate must:

1. Teach no more than TWO clinical training programs. The second course must be observed on-site and evaluated by a Certified Master Trainer or Master Trainer Candidate. A positive evaluation from the Certified Master Trainer or Master Trainer Candidate must be submitted to IRI and the Course Instructor (s). (Note: travel expenses are to be paid by the Clinical Instructor Candidate, plus an honorarium of $500 for a minimum of five hours of observation).


2. Design a course curriculum to be submitted to the second Master Trainer before starting the candidates first practice Basic Clinical Training.

3. A detailed manuscript of lectures, therapy processes and procedures, as well as a theory of supervision, evaluation models, processes and a bibliography. This is to be turned into the second Master Trainer before the second practice training.

4. Arrange with the faculty for an oral examination. This is usually held at a faculty meeting. To prepare the admissions and Review Committee for this oral exam, a copy of the detailed manuscript described above needs to be presented to the faculty in as many copies as are members on the committee three months before the exam. The manuscript may
be revised after the second practice training upon consultation with the second Master Trainer.

5. Receive a positive recommendation following the oral exam by the Admissions and Review Committee.  

Maintaining Certification:
To maintain certification, Certified Clinical Instructors must:

1. Be a member of IRI in good standing.

2. Attend at least one face-to-face faculty meeting every year.

3. Attend at least 60% of the monthly phone bridge faculty meetings.

4. Schedule at least one Basic Clinical Training Program on the website schedule of course every year and present at least one Basic Clinical Training program every two years.  

If the Clinical Instructor does not comply with numbers 2, 3, and 4 above for two years in a row they will be moved to the Inactive Faculty list and may not list themselves as faculty of the Institute on their resume. To become active again, they must attend and assist at a Basic Clinical Training Course taught by a Master Trainer and receive a positive evaluation. 

CE Credits

50 per year for three years.


$5,000  ($1000 is paid to Imago Relationships International, and $2000 is paid to one Master Trainer and another $2000 is paid to a second Master Trainer.) To pay Maya Kollman her $2000 see below.

Non-refundable Deposit: $1,000 to be sent to Imago Relationships International, which develops the registration of the classes. Checks are to be made out to IRI. Credit cards are accepted.

Balance Due

Payment options for the remainder may be discussed with each Master Trainer. Each will be paid $2,000.  To pay Maya Kollman, you may click on the Pay Now button and select your optional payment.

Clinical Instructor Training, Maya's Fee