Maya Kollman

There's a crack in everything...that's how the light gets in.  ~Leonard Cohen         

Maya Kollman, MA is a gifted therapist and Relationship Life Coach, a passionate and down-to-earth workshop presenter, and a powerful and dynamic clinical instructor of mental health professionals.  She is warm and funny, knowledgeable and intuitive, which makes for learning that appeals to all styles.  In all her work, Maya is a master of creating a safe environment for everyone to look honestly at themselves and others and learn how to take their own next steps in healing and growth.  She believes in the potential of people and in their capacity for deeper connection and transformation.  She holds the vision of each person's best self in a way that helps them live more fully and more consciously in their life, their relationships and in their work.

One of her colleagues in the Imago community of therapists and partners describes her this way: 

"Her wisdom is profound; she knows Imago Relationship Therapy as she knows the rich soil of the earth; it's as if she's walked this path before.  Her huge heart is only matched by her intelligence, her wit, her compassion and her commitment to the blossoming of all those who work with her."

Maya is one of only five certified Master Trainers in Imago Relationship Therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.  She is also trained and certified by Dr. Hendrix and the Institute of Imago Relationship Therapy as a workshop presenter for Getting the Love You Want  and Keeping the Love You Find  workshops and as a clinical instructor to train therapists in all levels of Imago Relationship Therapy training.  Maya is a Life Coach for Relationships, former Professor at Rutgers University, and currently maintains a private practice in New Jersey.  She is widely sought worldwide for training, supervision and lectures.