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June 22-25, 2017
October 19-22, 2017
January 4-7, 2018
March 22-25, 2018

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Below is a description of this amazing course.
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The Imago Professional Facilitator Program is designed to help professionals in a wide range of fields to become effective at creating stronger and more productive relationships through use of the Imago Dialogue. The program includes up to 16-days of small-group training in addition to post-course projects. Participants are taught to look underneath the surface of conflicts and disagreements in order to reveal the underlying feelings and emotional needs of those involved. By uncovering and addressing these feelings and needs, Imago facilitators can build powerful connections between colleagues, family members, and friends.

In 1988, Harville Hendrix and his partner, Helen LaKelly Hunt, published Getting The Love You Want, a book that established Imago as a leader in the field of relationship education. Since then, Getting The Love You Want has sold more than two million copies and has helped hundreds of thousands of couples develop more passionate and committed relationships. As Imago has continued to evolve as both a theory and a method for developing relational skills, its application to community, organizational, and educational settings – in addition to romantic relationships – has flourished. We believe that many people – clinicians and non-clinicians alike – have the ability and inspiration to help create strong and healthy relationships. The Imago Professional Facilitator Program has been developed to enable non-clinicians to apply Imago theories and techniques to relationships within organizational and professional contexts.

Imago Professional Facilitator training is designed for those who wish to make use of Imago theories and techniques within the specialized context of their own profession. Focusing on the application of Imago processes in non-therapeutic contexts, this training prepares individuals to integrate Imago as both a method and a personal approach within their professional lives. The training is appropriate for a wide range of professionals, including:
• Lawyers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals
• Family advisors in legal and financial fields
• Ministers and clergymen of all faiths
• Professional divorce mediators
• Counselors – in nutrition, school, childhood development, and other areas
• Teachers
• Couples

Module A – 4 days: Using Imago with Individuals
Module B – 4 days: Using Imago with Dyads
Module C – 4 days: Using Imago with Families and Groups
Module D – 4 days: Using Imago within Organizations

• Attendance at a “Getting The Love You Want” Weekend Workshop for Couples or a “Keeping The Love You Find” Weekend Workshop for Singles within the past year or, at the latest, before the beginning of Module B. You can find a list of upcoming workshops in your area here:
• Copy of a certificate/diploma for the accredited profession
• Curriculum Vitae or Resume
• Proof of completion of 100 hours of training in self-development, including psychotherapy or structured self-development programs
• Two reference letters from colleagues or trainers• Curriculum Vitae or Resume
*Please note that admission to the training is at the sole discretion of the trainer.

Successful completion of Imago Professional Facilitator Training, which includes submission and evaluation of three DVDs, which should:
• Demonstrate successful use of the Imago Dialogue
• Present an Imago project appropriate to your profession
• Exhibit the effectiveness of your project (due six months after completion of training)
• Submission of two follow-up papers discussing your experience using Imago techniques within your profession
• Post-training consultation sessions with instructors in order to receive assistance in completing individual projects

Imago Professional Facilitators are required to:
• Limit the use and application of Imago concepts and processes to their area of professional expertise
• Refrain from offering couples counseling or therapy using Imago techniques
• Refrain from using or demonstrating advanced techniques, such as regressive or deep affective Imago processing
• Establish connections with Certified Imago Therapists to whom they can refer friends, colleagues, etc.

Graduates may:
• Identify and marked themselves as Certified Imago Professional Facilitators
• Create an online profile on the Imago Relationships International Website
• *Become members of the Imago Relationships International Community
* Certified Professional Facilitators must maintain annual membership in Imago Relationships International. Membership will be an annual fee associated with continuing membership in the organization. The features and benefits of membership as a Certified Professional Facilitator will be fully explained during the course.

The full course fee is $4,000 USD. For courses taught in North America, $800 USD of the total fee is due upon registration.  Payment Plans are available.



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