Singles Clinical Training

Singles Training

Preparation for Committed Partnership




March 19-23, 2013




First 4 days:  9:00am - 6:00pm

Last Day:  9:00am - 4:30pm


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Designed to help therapists become more effective in preparing their single clients for committed relationships and marriage.  This training is designed for relational work in a group setting with theory and processes to show single people how to modify their character adaptations in an intimate relationship.  In relationship we were wounded, and only in relationship can we be healed.  This course is also useful for therapists in doing character work with couples.


Most people who want a committed relationship look for the ideal partner match.  They have limited or no understanding that the person they select and the relationship they have is influenced by their early life experience and the formation of their character defenses.  This course will greatly deepen the therapist's understanding of character structure and how to assist persons to modify their character structure thereby improve their unconscious choice of a partner, as well as the outcome of their relationship.


Course Requirements

Attend five days (40 hours) of training, complete assigned readings, participate in training exercise and serve as clinical support staff at a singles workshop within one year of course completion.  This is a required course for all advanced certifications. 


CE Credits




$1000 ($200 is paid to Imago Relationships International, and $800 is paid directly to Maya Kollman) see below.

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Singles Clinical Training