Maya creates an amazing experience for both personal growth and professional development.  She challenges us to deepen our compassion and understanding of clients’ development, and she helps us explore our personal journey to wholeness and compatibility.
Rhonda Borman, LCSW Author, Taking Mama Home and Other Unexpected Experiences and Dusty Sees the World 

"Thank you so much for your May 26th three-hour presentation titled Relationship Rupture: The Magic in Conflicts.  The Family Court Services' Continuing Education audience gave rave reviews, including these comments:

  • Great sense of humor.  Clear, practical explanation of material that makes application immediate.  Inspiring!
  • Really well presented.
  • This spoke to elements of what I know, but opened up a new approach that I would like to know more about.
  •  Fascinating human experience, great presenter.
  • Her energy is marvelous and infectious.  Thank you, Maya!
  • Easily understandable because presented in conversational manner but well organized.
  • One of the best workshops/trainings/presentations I've attended."

"This is our one year anniversary after taking your Imago weekend workshop in February of "08".  Just wanted to check in with you and tell you it keeps getting better and better.  The weekend changed our marriage.  We still flood once a week on Sunday's and do a dialogue on Wednesday's.  Sticking to a schedule really works for us and if we get busy and miss a few weeks I see to it that we get back on track or else the old habits crop up.  We have formed so many new wonderful habits, it's great.  When people say to me what was the best part of the weekend I say we gained a deeper understanding of each other and above all we forgave each other.  Yes forgiveness, it set us free to move forward and love each other freely!   Thanks again you 2 wonderful people, for sharing your hearts, story, and expertise with us! It really, really helped!"

LS and SM


"So please, consider yourselves flooded with appreciation for who you are (as I saw, experienced and connected with you... warm, genuine, witty, sincere, engaging, thoughtful, enthusiastic, skillful, flexible and professional...to name a few)...and for what you do.  When asked what I hoped for by going to this workshop, it was:  I want to be held in a group as a couple in a way that means we can turn towards each other, learn some skills and have some process so that we can move forward.  I got that need / want met.  So thank you both very much."
DF  Auckland  NZ
"Together we managed to create a container that felt really safe and allowed me (speaking for myself) to really connect with parts of myself and with my relationship with _____, and I thank you all for your part in the magic that unfolded - and continues to unfold.  I came home feeling so inspired, and that feeling hasn't gone away.  I even think it's not going to!!!  I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of this wonderful workshop with you all.  Thank you."
SR  Napier  NZ

"Reflecting back over the last month or 6 weeks since the course I can see a huge evolution in my work with couples. When I watched Maya mirroring the distress of the couples in their work I was thinking 'looks great,' but I felt it would be too exhausting for me to do.  I have discovered that when I create space to breath and be - that I feel energized empathic and incredibly potent in my work.  I've seen some really positive and powerful turn-arounds in couples I've been working with."
SD New Zealand