Workshop Presenter for Singles


Workshop Presenter Training

For Singles


January 20-22, 2017


Maya's House Pennington, NJ


For Information Call Maya: 609 273 5176

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This course is designed to prepare the Certified Couples Workshop Presenter to present intensive 18-hour workshops for Individuals and Singles.

Certification Permissions:
Graduates may:

1. Represent themselves publicly as Certified Individual and Singles Workshop Presenter

2. Conduct “Keeping the Love You find: Workshop for Individuals and Singles.”

Admission Pre-requisites:
1. All applicants for training to become Certified Individual and Singles Workshop Presenters must have practiced as a Certified Couples Workshop Presenter for a period of one year and have put on at least two Couples Workshops after certification.

2. Applicant must have attended as a participant at one “Keeping the Love You find: Workshop for Individuals and Singles.”

Admission Requirements:
1. The applicant must be a member in good standing with IRI as indicated by a letter from the chair of the IRI Board Membership Committee.

2. Submit the Individuals and Singles Workshop Presenter registration form.

Course Requirements:
During the formal coursework, applicant must:

1. Complete the three-day training program and receive a positive evaluation from the Course Instructor (s).

2. Execute an Individual and Singles Workshop Presenter  contract with IRI.

Post Course Requirements:
Within 12 months of the completion of the formal course, the Individual and Singles Workshop Presenter candidate must:

1. Serve as a support therapist at an Individual and Singles Workshop conducted by a Certified Individual and Singles Workshop Presenter. This needs to be done before numbers 2 & 3 below.

2. Lead no more than TWO Individual and Singles Workshops until they become certified. The second workshop must be observed on-site and evaluated by a Certified Clinical Instructor who has also been certified as an Individual and Singles Workshop Presenter. A positive evaluation from the Certified Clinical Instructor must be submitted to IRI and to the Course Instructor (s). (Note: The Individual and Singles Workshop Presenter Candidate is responsible for the travel expense of the on-site observer and an honorarium of $500 for a minimum of five hours of observations).

3. .Submit participant evaluations of both training workshop to the Course Instructor(s).

Continuing Education
1. All Certified Singles Workshop Presenters must accrue 10 hrs of Continuing Education every two years. A common method of gaining the 10 hrs of CE credits is by either joining a supervision group or by sending in DVD's for supervision (this will be for supervision only and not be for evaluation). By attending one annual Imago International Conference you can probably receive all 10 credits needed. By sending in videotape for supervision, you will receive 2.5 CE credits. All advanced courses in the catalog state how many credits they give.

2. Attend the annual Workshop Presenters Update meeting at least every other year. This is usually held at the Annual Imago International Conference. If an Individual Singles Workshop Presenters Update is not held, the Couples Workshop Presenters Update will suffice. However, all Workshop Presenters are encouraged to attend IRI annual conference every year. If this requirement cannot be done for some important reason, the Workshop Presenter may fulfill this requirement by assisting at an Individual and Singles Workshop put on by a faculty member and meeting with that member for one hour after the workshop for feedback. The faculty member then needs to send a positive report to the Professional Training Coordinator. Therapist must inform the Institute in writing upon the completion of the update requirements. If they are not completed, the Workshop Presenter must cease doing workshops until the requirements are met. If the Workshop Presenter is inactive for two years, they must attend the annual Workshop Presenters Update and assist at an Individual and Singles Workshop offered by a Clinical Instructor before they resume offering workshops to the general public. If they have been inactive for five years or more, they need to discuss with the Training Coordinator how they may become active again.

CE Credits



$600  ($120 is paid to Imago Relationships International, and $480 is paid directly to Maya Kollman) see below.

Step One

You must have approval from Maya Kollman and Imago Relationships International (IRI) prior to registering for this course. Please complete the form below, and your request to enter this training program will be forwarded to Maya Kollman and Imago Relationships International.  When you have been accepted into the program, proceed to Step Two.

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